About Go! Malawi

Go! Malawi is a small non profit, 501 (C) 3 located in Hebron, Maine run by volunteers. Volunteers work tirelessly to help the people in the rural district of Ntchisi, Malawi alleviate extreme poverty. Go! Malawi’s mission is to help rural communities and empower the people to create self-sustainable solutions in education, health care, commerce and conservation. 100% of donations to Go! Malawi go directly into our programs in Ntchisi. The programs include the following: secondary/college student scholarship fund, after-school English program,  conservation programs (fire-breaks, forest guards, bamboo and alternative fuel sources),  preventative health care, coffee farming, professional development, and an art education camp. Go! Malawi also has a travel program, in which people of all ages from the United States or beyond can join us to volunteer on site in M’Pamila Village on the edge of the rainforest. The volunteers will work on projects in Ntchisi and have the opportunity to visit the shores of Senga Bay on Lake Malawi, as well as enjoy a four day safari in South Luangwa Valley National Park.

In Malawi there is no free public education after standard 8 (8th grade) and rural areas are very patriarchal with little emphasis, if any, on education. We believe that every child deserves to be able to reach their full potential! We believe every child should have the fundamental right to attend school and receive adequate health care. We  believe that to end extreme poverty it is important to empower and facilitate change through local leaders. We believe one person can make a difference and one person can change many lives. Join us to help end extreme poverty, promote gender equality and provide the opportunity for a better future for the children and members of impoverished communities in rural Ntchisi, Malawi.

Executive Director
Janet Littlefield

Associate Director
Bill Flynn

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