Rewards Program

Each event always ends with the desire to do more.  We want our athletes to continue to participate in our events and we feel they deserve a bonus!  Check out the points you can gain towards your next Go! Malawi event!

Returning Athletes Point Plan*:

(Each point corresponds to $1. Points are credited to the athlete’s “next” event and not towards a current event (except #7).
1. Participating in our Destination Event Program for the first time = 500 pts.

2. Participation in our Destination Event Program for the second time = 800 pts.

3. Participation in our Destination Event Program for the third time = 1000 pts.

4. Being a Local Leader for a Destination Event Program = 500 pts.

5. Fund raising beyond the goal for a specific event = 200 pts for every $500 over the goal

6. Participation in our Go! Malawi Volunteer Program = 400 pts.

7. Recruitment of an athlete for a current event =  150 pts. (to be credited toward that event)

8. Being a Local Leader on consecutive events =200 pts.

We want you to stay part of the Go! Malawi team beyond just one race and we want to reward you when you come back for another event!

*(Points cannot exceed total value of specific events. Points may be transferred to other athletes only with the approval of Go! Malawi administration)