Go! Malawi Conservation Programs

Go! Malawi has partnered with Project Noah to help build local and international awareness for the small, yet vital Ntchisi Rainforest. The water supply for over 5000 people comes from the mountain, and still the forest diminishes each year. Our programs work with the local primary school, the Ntchisi Forest Commission, and Project Noah to educate the local communities about caring for the forest. We have assisted in the building of a firebreak that will prevent yearly forest fires from reaching the rainforest. This is important as the water supply is protected by the canopy of the forest, but if the forest continues to diminish, then the water supply will become exposed and the risk of water born diseases will increase significantly. Project Noah allows us to bring the wildlife and plant life to the world, and our volunteers bring local students into the forest to photograph and learn more about the amazing life within the forest.