Volunteer Trip Details

Traveling to Malawi will be a life changing experience! Go! Malawi is committed to giving our volunteers ample opportunity to participate in our programs, experience rural Malawian culture, village life and make a positive difference.  Our trips include a stay at our site in Mpamila Village in Ntchisi, a stay @ the shores of Lake Malawi in Senga Bay, a day in the city of Lilongwe and a safari in South Luangwa National Park just over the border in Zambia.  You may also do a home-stay if you desire! Our trips are listed below.


A Taste of Malawi: July 21st – August 12th, 2018       A Taste of Malawi Itinerary

Education Connection: July 7th – July 23rd or 28th, 2018    2016 Program Summary

M’manja Mwathu Art Camp: July 21st – August 12th, 2018  Art Education Camp Goals & Detailed Itinerary


The cost of the trip varies between $2,990 and $4,990 depending on the option of travel you choose.  The full cost includes round trip airfare, visas, transportation, insurance, food and supplies, 4 day safari trip, resort stay at the lake, as well as a monetary donation to Go! Malawi’s programs.

Go! Malawi Travel Checklist


1. Contact us to apply in person, or over the phone

2. Send in your deposit (according to your particular trip)

2. Return your information form, medical form and waiver by email to janet@go-malawi.org or via mail to: Go! Malawi, PO BOX 108, Hebron, Maine 04238

3. Determine a payment plan (before departure the remaining balance is due or the clarification of a 3 or 6 month payment plan)

4. Study your Chichewa, and be sure to learn details about malaria and HIV/AIDS

5. Visit your doctor for an anti-malaria prescription and to receive shots for Typhoid and Hepatitis A if you have not had it. (No shots are required however, to enter Malawi and Zambia.)

6. Pack according to your packing list and get excited for your trip!!



Malaria: Deet and bug spray will be provided. You will need to fill a prescription for anti-malarial pills from your doctor. June and July is the winter season (fleece/light jacket and hat weather) in Malawi and there are no mosquitoes on our Mpamila site at that time, but there may be some at the lake and on the safari.

Shots: Typhoid & Hepatitis A are important shots to get wherever you travel, but they are not required.

HIV: There are orphans and community members that have HIV. Plastic gloves are available incase any of the children or workers cut themselves etc.. You should never be involved in that however, it is just a precaution.

Injury/Sickness:We will have a medical bag and some minimal supplies and first aid equipment. There is a hospital 10 KM away from our village. There is also a good hospital in the city of Lilongwe  (2 hours by car) with trained doctors and American doctors. In case of an emergency we have a vehicle at the Home to take to the hospital.

If you are interested in joining us on one of our trips please click HERE.