Put on a Fundraiser for Go! Malawi


Ideas: Host a golf outing or a potluck dinner and ask everyone to donate $30. Plan a walk, 5K or sporting event, in which sponsors and registration costs come to Go! Malawi

STEPS for hosting a Silent Auction Party

A silent auction event is a fun event with friends and family and you will raise money and awareness about global poverty. 

1. Choose Event: Outdoor/indoor silent auction at your house or a local restaurant? Just ask the managers, they are always open to hosting events, as it draws customers.

2. Choose Date and time.

3. Design an invitation (I can also make the invitations easily and send them to you)

4. Four weeks prior to the event, send out the invitations in the mail and e-vites, facebook etc… with date, location, time and purpose to all neighbors, friends, coworkers,  family and others.

5. Put a summary of the event in the local newspaper if you wish…you or I can write up the blurb and you just email it to a local paper for recognition.

6. Get items for the event: jewelry, artwork, pottery, gift certificates, tickets …etc.. Aim for 25-50 items to be collected. These items will definitely be sold in the silent auction!

How do you get items?…You bring a letter (I will write for you) that has a description of Go!Malawi and the organization’s cause to local stores and professionals. The letter will include a summary of our charity work and our Tax ID #, so the business sees it is a charity non profit 501 (C) 3 organization that is tax deductible. They should be happy to donate.

7. I can bring 25 items (made in Malawi) as well as information about Go! Malawi to the event. I will bring items  of the following: Malawian paintings, carved wood and soap stone….however the local items will be great, so be sure to start asking.

8. Will you serve drinks and hor dourves? Who will do that and how?  We can buy them from a restaurant.

9. Keep asking for items and/or donations.

10.  You may choose a specific cause to raise money for or raise money for unrestricted general funds to support our operating budget.

For more information or to share your idea with us, please CONTACT US.

Interested in volunteering at an upcoming Go! Malawi Event? CONTACT US.

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