Support M’manga Mwathu (In our Hands) Art Camp

Travel to rural Malawi and have an experience of a lifetime in our M’manga Mwathu Art & Empowerment Camp for Malawian boys & girls July 21st – August 12th, 2018

Or be a Donor for our camp, as art materials and operation costs are needed to make it successful! 

Volunteers are needed to participate in our M’manga Mwathu Art & Empowerment Camp. If you are interested please contact us! Women/girls of all ages are welcome to join us in Malawi as a camp counselor, leader or art teacher.

M’manga Mwathu (In Our Hands) Camp Goals

  1. Encourage Education: Foster learning and curiosity about the world.
  2. Inspire Creativity through Art: Create opportunities and provide encouragement for Malawian youth to try art. Most have only been apart of drama in their school.
  3. Promote Gender Equality: Malawian women (and men) will come speak and share their success stories. Speakers will celebrate women and emphasize and highlight women who work hard and reach their goals. All interactions within the camp will ensure there is gender equality; chores, writing, & speaking will be shared equally amongst both genders.
  4. Empower Girls: Encourage girls to find their voice and dream big! Write, speak, share and discuss dreams and ideas. They will be recording their dreams and revisiting them daily! Girls from around the world, along with the Malawian girls will be staying together in two different houses.
  5. Partnership: Each Go! Malawi female volunteer will be partnered with a female Malawian student. Daily they will practice English, reading and writing. This relationship will be encouraged to continue with correspondence beyond the trip. The purpose is to encourage each Malawian student to finish high school (a daunting feat) and attend college. Additionally, this relationship should foster a heightened perspective and self-confidence along with improved motivation among the Malawian students to master English (the language most needed in successful jobs in Malawi and to move forward with education).

Extra Volunteer Projects:

  • Paint and build inside the school with their Malawian female partners to improve the morale and enable more positive attitudes regarding school
  • Paint murals in the classrooms to create visual excitement and interest
  • Build a playground (playground would be designed with materials in Malawi…such as tires with rope, boards etc… for easy maintenance). This will encourage a play space for brainstorming and team work