Go! Malawi Scholarship Program

Collaboratively we work hard to ensure our program provides the tools and necessary means to mold students into smart, creative, motivated and successful learners! 

Go! Malawi is dedicated to providing opportunities for youth in Malawi to obtain a full education by offering secondary school and college scholarships, training for teachers and a quality after school English program for primary school students.  When a child is accepted into our program their family, the committee member and the chief of their respected village are required to participate in their education goals and commitment. Jointly they hold the student accountable.

Education is the best tool these students have as they prepare for the workplace.  Only 42%* of students who enroll in primary school in Malawi finish standard 8 (8th Grade) and only 21%* of those students actually move on to secondary school. Malawi’s education system calls for all students to pay tuition to attend secondary school, and most rural families do not have the ability to pay these fees. For students who succeed in finishing standard 8, problems only grow when it is time to move on to secondary school. There are many factors which compel a student to drop out of school: 1) They don’t pass their standard 8 exam 2) They feel pressure to save the family money and withdraw 3) They are not confident in their ability to be successful 4) They have no role models to encourage them and are unmotivated. 5) Girls succumb to the societal pressure to get married and have children. These factors lead to a meager number of students attending secondary school. Go! Malawi has stepped in to increase the number of students moving onward to secondary school. We wish to remove the major stresses that these students face to help them focus on what is most important: their education. Go! Malawi is working with the community (chiefs, elders, families, and teachers) to improve general attitudes/beliefs in regard to education, gender equality and attendance in school! It has become a top priority for Go! Malawi to motivate learners and their families in standard 5-8 to work hard, and be confident! Our goals are simple: Give boys and girls a chance to be successful in secondary school through an after-school English program, train and support teachers and provide the tuition for secondary school and college level students!

Go! Malawi’s Scholarship Program Details


*Statistical data from UNICEF (http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/malawi_statistics.html)