Forest Conservation

Go! Malawi is working with the community to protect the forest. There is a collaborative effort to expand the forest back down the mountain and ensure the natural springs from the mountain will provide sustainable, clean water.  Erosion has been taking place and the precious water sources are being threatened by illegal loggers and harmful fires.  A vital water source is currently within 600 yards of the tree line and without proper oversight is in jeopardy of drying up within a few years. Go! Malawi is committed to assist the community with water and conservation projects.


The two factors that are leading to tree loss on the mountain are illegal logging, and forest fires/arson.  Malawian forestry was very proactive with building and maintaining the firebreaks soon after Malawi became independent from the British.  However, since the 1970’s, there has been little to no work on these firebreaks.  Go! Malawi has helped the community rebuild the firebreak and are currently maintaining the break.  We hope to expand the firebreak over the next 5 years and allow the forest a chance to recover and rebuild.

Local students and community members have worked with Go! Malawi volunteers and directors to plant over 15,000 new trees in the last year. Additionally Go! Malawi began a bamboo project, in which nurseries of bamboo seedlings are being provided by our Go! Malawi committee to support 12 communities. The purpose is to provide a sustainable form of wood to alleviate pressure on the Ntchisi Rainforest and reduce time girls spend collecting wood in the forest.

A filtration, storage system has also been planned to pump and store water doing the rainy season. This will allow water to be accessible during the dry season and also to filter the water so it is free of microbes and other harmful bacteria. Please consider a donation to support our conservation programs.

Go! Malawi also has future plans for expanding the availability of water to the local community.  For more information on this project, click on this LINK.