Education Connection Program

Join teachers in a unique ten day workshop where you will forge meaningful connections with rural teachers in Malawi! You will work collaboratively with other educators to help local Malawian primary school teachers incorporate The Arts into their curriculum.  You will observe their classes, foster motivation and passion for teaching, build confidence and skills and make lasting friendships.

Education Connection Program: July 8th -July 24th or 29th (safari option)

The Education Connection Program is a two week professional development workshop conducted in Mpamila Village, Malawi for local Malawian primary school teachers. All educators are welcome to join the Go! Malawi directors and travel with us to Malawi! The Program in July of 2016 was led by Argy Nestor and Lindsay Pinchbeck. Argy is the Director of Arts Education at the Maine Arts Commission and Lindsay is the director of Sweet Tree Arts and founder of Sweetland School in Hope, Maine. They are wonderful teachers, love the arts and led a remarkable two week workshop in Mpamila, Village. They both loved their experience and remain on as advisors for our Program.

Photo collage and summary of the 2016 Education Connection Program


Argy Nestor and Lindsay Pinchbeck (pictured here) with the local primary school teachers after making cyanotypes. The teachers learned to use a wide array of art media to explore their subject matter and inspire their students.



Argy Nestor is reading poems and short stories with Malawian primary school teachers in our Education Connection Program. Teachers wrote original stories and practiced using role playing and story telling as tools to inspire creativity and confidence through imagination.



Malawian teachers are presenting their work during a community celebration on the final day of the workshop. In two weeks time they became more active and engaged in their work and additionally, more passionate about their students’ learning.