After School English Program for Primary School Students

Go! Malawi works with the Mpamila Community Primary School and operates an After School English Program daily. The teachers work with students in standards (grades) 5-8.  The goals for this program are to give students who are motivated an opportunity to learn English in a hands on setting and provide them with a better foundation for secondary school. Additionally, our program is designed to give students the skills and confidence to pass the National Standard 8 Exam. At the end of standard 8, each student must take this exam and this test alone qualifies or disqualifies the students for secondary school.  This is a very important test and our After School English Program is designed to help all our students improve their English and pass this exam.

Go! Malawi provides funds to the After School English Program for the following:

Eight Teachers perform the following duties:

  • Teach Monday-Thursday from 2-4:00 PM
  • Create and execute a curriculum for the students that teaches toward success on the Malawi National Exam
  • Manage classroom duties such as student roster and performance
  • Manage communication to parents, the community, and Go! Malawi about the progress of the students

Go! Malawi provides the following school supplies:

  • Text Books
  • Writing materials such as pens, pencils, crayons, etc
  • Teaching aids such as chalkboard, chalk, posters, etc
  • Annual training and professional workshops for the teachers

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