Ntchisi Forest Conservation

Go! Malawi, along with their Community Committee, are working with the local Water Committee to protect the forest and collaboratively they are committed to create a situation in which the forest can begin to expand back down the mountain.  Not only does this group have the forest in mind, but more importantly, the group is thinking of the precious water sources that are beginning to be threatened by illegal loggers and harmful fires.  The second water source is currently within 600 yards of the tree line and without proper oversight could be in jeopardy of drying up within the next couple of years.  Therefore, Go! Malawi has committed to assist the community with the following projects over the next five years:

The two factors that are leading to tree lost on the mountain are illegal logging, and forest fires.  Malawian forestry was very proactive with building and maintaining the firebreaks soon after Malawi was became independent from the British (clearings on the edge of the forest that stop large fires from continuing up the mountain).  However, since the 1970’s, there has been little or now work on the these firebreaks.  Go! Malawi, along with the Ntchisi Forest Lodge, have helped the community begin to recut the firebreak.  We hope to maintain and expand the firebreak over the next 5 years and allow the forests a chance to recover.

Go! Malawi has partnered with Project Noah to help get more interest and exposure for the forest.  Project Noah allows users to post pictures of plant life and wildlife to their site.  This is a large community of people who love seeing the wonders of life all over the world, and we are happy to bring the Ntchisi Mountain to the world through photographs and stories.  The more exposure the forest gets as a place that harbors such amazing life, the easier it is to gain support for allowing the forest to return to what it was decades before.  Our program allows volunteers and local students to go to the forest for the purpose of documenting the wildlife inside and showing it to the world.