Join Our Team!

Join Team Go! Malawi and push yourself to the limit by participating in one of our marathon events, ½ marathon events, or 5K/10K events all over the country. Mentors will assist you to feasibly reach your training and fund raising goals! Challenge yourself to run a 1/2 or full marathon and make a positive difference! The reward is not only for yourself, but you will have improved the lives of orphans and communities in Malawi!

JOINING: By joining Team Go! Malawi team, you will be assisting in the education of a Malawian child, providing clean water to over 1000 people, educating a community on HIV/AIDS, and helping a community of farmers find a global market for their crops.  Your participation will not only fund these programs, but it will also raise awareness of the need in Malawi.

How it works:
1. Choose the event that you want to participate in.

2. Meet with your event leader and your teammates to discuss training strategies, fund raising ideas, and team goals.

3. Begin training and fund raising.  Watch out for newsletters from the Go! Malawi team and see what others are doing for their training and fund raising.

4. As you near your event date, receive your travel packet and start getting excited about your event!

5. Finish your fund raising and travel to your event with your team!

6. Take part in your event and achieve everything you have worked so hard for! Enjoy a celebration at the finish!