Go! Malawi Programs

Go! Malawi’s mission is to collaborate with rural Malawian communities to develop sustainable programs in education, health care, commerce, and conservation.

Go! Malawi’s current programs support rural villages on the southern slope of Ntchisi Mountain in the Ntchisi district. Our programs focus on education, conservation, clean water and farming through grass root programs within the community. Our programs are designed to provide an opportunity for our beneficiaries to be successful.

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Go! Malawi Conservation Program
Go! Malawi is committed to conserving the rainforest on Ntchisi Mountain. This is a relatively small forest, but it’s importance to the local ecosystem and to the villages surrounding the forest cannot be quantified. Go! Malawi’s programs focus on education, conservation and clean and available water.

Go! Malawi Cooperative Program
Go! Malawi has partnered with 12 village farming cooperatives with a micro loan to grow coffee. This program helps farmers produce and sell their crop to a sustainable market and allow farmers to expand their farms.


Go! Malawi Education Program
Go! Malawi is committed to guiding students to reach their highest potential. Go! Malawi provides scholarships to students throughout Malawi, as well as operates an After-School English Program.