Go! Malawi Moves Forward

In the last twelve months our organization has been overseeing the development of our programs in rural Ntchisi, Malawi. We are making great progress! Our Malawian manager is Griffin Banda and he holds a degree in hotel and restaurant management. He is working directly with our 12 member local Village Committee to get our programs off the ground and running smoothly. Friends of Little Field has decided to change their name to Go! Malawi to reflect their forward movement in prevention and in the reduction of extreme poverty.

We are continuing to conduct orphan outreach; however, we have adapted our mission to focus on the prevention of the factors that lead to poverty. Go! Malawi’s work will focus on prevention by improving job security, and education and health care opportunities. We will open the door for individuals and families with the ownership centered on the Malawian community members to improve their life and standards of living. Our new name is not limiting us to one orphanage and will allow us to focus on more outreach and preventative measures. Another important piece of our work is to protect the beautiful rainforest that surrounds this area. It provides tourism, economic support and is their water source. It is sadly being destroyed and reduced daily!

We are excited to report that we have our first college bound students from our former orphanage! Ickber John, age 21, has chosen Don Bosco Technical College in Lilongwe, Malawi to learn electrical and mechanical engineering. He has earned his driving license and is currently working in Ntchisi with our manager Mr. Banda, and will enter college in late August of this year. Ernest Mussa and Mphatso Joseph are graduating from secondary school June 24th and are currently undecided as to the college they will attend. They are taking an additional class in computers to prepare them even further for college.

Our education program is one of our top initiatives in Ntchisi. We will be giving 50 secondary school scholarships to students in our community base in Ntchisi, including 12 secondary school scholarships for the orphans that live at Little Field Home in Chigamba, Malawi. Each participant must complete an application, set goals and report to us to continue to receive support for secondary school.

Our micro-loan program is making great strides, as we have partnered with Loan Star micro-finance Institution and Mzuzu Coffee to assist 12 farming cooperatives with loans to grow two cash crops. Field officers will train the farmers on crop maintenance and with business management. Go! Malawi’s target goal is to improve job security with 120 jobs in our area in the next 12 months. The result is 120 families (affecting a total of 1,200 people) will gain economic independence in the next 3 years! The result will increase the number of people who attend school, seek medical care, transportation to the hospitals, and Planned Parenthood classes. Improved job security will also decrease the number of early pregnancies, the HIV/AIDS rate, early marriage, and the destruction of the rainforest!

We are presently recruiting volunteers for our November, 2011 trip and future 2012 trips. We are taking volunteers to live on site in M’Pamila and work on orphan outreach, health care, farming, education and conservation initiatives!

-Janet Littlefield, Executive Director