Donate Online!

We are seeking donations for our education programs and our new art education camp

1. Education Program

Secondary school education: Secondary school is not free in Malawi and is quite costly for rural Malawian families. Go! Malawi provides the tuition, books, materials, boarding, health fees, transportation and other related costs for all our scholarship recipients. Please help support our education fund. You may contact us to sponsor a student directly and correspond with them, or make a donation into our general education program fund.

After School English Program: Go! Malawi operates a daily program to supplement students learning. The program runs after the public school day ends for students in grades 5 – 8. The program currently staffs 8 teachers and provides much needed support and hands on activities to help students learn English (the official language of Malawi)! Due to their support 86% of our 8th grade students passed their “Leaving Exams” and entered the 9th grade (Form 1).

2. Art Education & Female Empowerment Camp

Go! Malawi is opening Malawi’s first art education camp. The goal is to celebrate women and promote gender equality through activities in art. Our goals consist of the following: Encourage education, inspire creativity and expression, promote gender equality, empower girls and promote global connections and friendships. We are seeking donations for art supplies and camp operations.