Create Your Own Team

Are you a team leader?  Sign up to be a “Local Leader” and build a Go malawi team for an upcoming event!  For each team member you recruit, receive bonus points toward your own fund raising goal!

An appointed “Local Leader” will be responsible for the following tasks:

1. Recruitment of up to 10 athletes for a specific event.

2. Act as the direct administrator for the designated group.

3. Keep updated fund raising information on each athlete, as well as coordinate fund raising events that might be put on by their designated group.

4. Mentor athletes on training, fund raising, and preparation for event.

5. Distribute up to date information to designated group on the specific event.

6. Communicate directly to Go! Malawi administration group fund raising and training progress, as well as other questions and concerns generated by their designated group.

7. Communicate directly to their designated group any information from Go! Malawi administration in regards to their specific event or fund raising for their event.