About Us

Go! Malawi:

A Non-Profit Organization with an eight member board of directors, based in Maine. The Executive Director is Janet Littlefield, the Associate Director is William Flynn and the Chair of the Board is Susan Geismar. Address: Go! Malawi, PO BOX 108, Hebron, Maine 04238 Contact Us



To collaborate with rural Malawian communities  to develop sustainable programs in education, health care, commerce and conservation.


Village Community Committee:

A 12-member Malawian committee represents Go! Malawi and reports to and works directly for Go! Malawi staff. The committee represents the 12 villages, where Go! Malawi concentrates their support. The representatives work together to advocate for their respective villages, promote education, and work with families and local leaders to improve their community and additional outlying villages.

The Village Community Committee is working for Go! Malawi to reach the following goals:

  • Create a long term, loving, supportive and healthy environment for the orphans of the Ntchisi area
  • Create job security and sustainability for members of the 12 villages in the Ntchisi area
  • Create an opportunity for community members to participate in preventive health programs
  • Create an environment in which free quality education is available for all children in the area
  • Create a collaborative relationship with local chiefs, elders, and local officials
  • Create a heightened awareness amongst Malawian youth on the importance of protecting the Ntchisi Rainforest

Go! Malawi directly supports the following entities:

  • M’Pamila Community Primary School
  • M’Pamila Community Nursery School and the local Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • Chitembwe Health Clinic
  • Community HIV Outreach Committee
  • Ntchisi Forest Commission
  • Ntchisi Community Forest Guard and Forest Patrol

Go! Malawi and the Village Community Committee collaboratively oversee these programs:

  • After-School English Program at M’Pamila Primary School
  • Scholarship Program (Secondary school and University Scholarships)
  • Environmental Conservation Programs