A New Water Source

Use of Third Water Source from Ntchisi Mountain

Go! Malawi has committed itself to assisting the M’Pamila community in providing clean and available water.  There are several springs on Ntchisi Mountain that can provide the community with water; however, the community has been only able to tap into two of these water sources.  Right now there are seven villages in the area that must walk to neighboring villages to get their water.  Furthermore, the water sources are not filtered and so during the rainy season (between December and April) the water that is collected in the tank is dirty and full of harmful bacteria.  During the height of the dry season in September and October, the community’s water supply becomes stressed by the demands and water shortages occur.

The M’Pamila Water Committee has identified a third source on Ntchisi Mountain that would provide enough water to not only ease the stress on the current water supply, but it would also provide enough water to build water taps in the villages that currently do not have any available water.  This process involves several stages of construction:

  • A dam must be built at the source to pool the water coming from the spring (because there are so many smaller springs within the rain forest, damming the spring will not impact the ecosystem within the forest).
  • A system of pipes must be put in that run from the dam to the consolidation tank.  It is estimated that almost 2km of pipe will be needed to reach the consolidation tank. Once the water reaches the consolidation tank, the water can then make its way to the collection tank where the community gets its water.  Each village that is in need must be surveyed before water taps are installed.Once these villages have been surveyed, then the process of installing taps for these communities can begin.