Female Empowerment Hike Set For September, 2017

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Team Goal: Build a team of women to come together to support girls and women in Malawi! Women may join one or both team hiking options!

  1. Two day hike: September 10th – 11th, 2017  (Lakes of The Clouds Hut overnight stay, 23 miles total, summit Mt. Washington) * 12 spots available
  2. Day hike on Saturday, September 9th (9 mile hike) on the Pumpelly Trail on Mt. Monadnock.

Mission: Join us on a weekend hike for girls! Let’s work together to get in shape, get stronger and go ascend 23 miles or 9 miles this fall for girls’ education.  

Girls in rural, patriarchal areas of Malawi are often raised with the lone expectations to be mothers and wives. They are often kept out of school and groomed to marry young. There are many daunting obstacles that cause young Malawian girls to drop out of school or prevent them from even attending primary and secondary school. There is no free public education after 8th grade and many children have to walk long distances to attend school. If rural families do have financial means to pay for school tuition, it is often used for their sons, as the girls stay behind to help take care of household duties, such as fetching water and collecting firewood. Girls that do not attend school are vulnerable, more likely to stay in poverty and often become victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Go! Malawi, a nonprofit that supports girls and provides educational opportunities and scholarships for girls has stepped in to work with the community to change the attitudes and foster the importance of education in the rural district of Ntchisi, Malawi. Together with the chiefs, local school board members and teachers, the number of girls attending Go! Malawi’s education programs, passing the Standard 8 Leaving Exam, attending and completing secondary school and having success, are increasing! Please consider joining this team and taking the step toward ending gender inequality and domestic violence!

Our Group Mission: We are ascending mountains and together building courage and confidence and a better future for girls!

We are hiking for young Malawian girls, to help them climb over their own obstacles and attend school and reach success. Our team goal is to send 25 girls to secondary school and college on full scholarships by raising $13,000-$15,000. This money will pay for 25 full scholarships for girls (tuition, transport, housing, food, medical needs), fund education camps during school vacations and provide family coaching and counseling in regard to gender equality. These girls will gain confidence through their experiences and support from Go! Malawi, and slowly we can help bridge that gender gap in this rural area! Every step we take on our hike will be with the challenges these young girls face on our minds and each step will be one step closer to breaking down these barriers. As we hike we will be celebrating the female spirit, one that when strong, births a successful nation!

Group Support: We will support each other to reach our health goals, as well as our individual fundraising goals!

Together we can empower girls and women in Ntchisi, Malawi!

Team Member Commitment: Each overnight hiking participant is asked to donate $135 ($135 is the price of the Lakes of The Clouds Hut accommodation, which includes two meals) to confirm their team placement. Then the participant will fundraise $900 from that point onward. The fundraising goal’s soft deadline is January 1st, 2018. Each participant will be assigned two female student beneficiaries of which they will be providing their school tuition and support! Those hiking the day hike on the Pumpelly Trail are asked to donate $75 and raise a minimum of $375 afterward. They will (if desired) be provided accommodations in Dublin, NH and dinner. We wish for women to join us who want to improve the opportunities for vulnerable girls in a patriarchal society.

Hiking location Option 1:

Presidential Range: 2 Day Hike on Sunday, September 10th-Monday, September 11th 2017 for 23 miles, with a combined elevation gain of over 9,000 ft.  Hike 13 miles to the Lakes of The Clouds Hut, and the following day hike 10 miles out!

Hiking location Option 2:

Mt. Monadnock’s beautiful Pumpelly Trail begins on Lake Road in Dublin, NH. We will stay in a house Saturday night in Dublin on the lake.