Rob Pfeiffer Blog: 4/14/2016 Leaving Malawi

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It is time to pack up and I have just disassembled my bike and packed it in its carrying box. Now, I am deciding which of my tee shirts to give away to friends here. I am ashamed to admit that this is a difficult task. After a lifetime of collecting tee shirts in every imaginable way, they all have sentimental value. One would think that enough would be enough, but, for some reason, I’m having a tough time giving them away. I need to refocus on the local poverty and it will all happen, but, I’m amazed by how my own scarcity thinking gets in the way.
My last English class was very emotional. I really did not expect to feel as I did, but tears poured out and farewells were sad and heartfelt. I hope these youngsters can find a way to keep on keeping on, as at this point, they are remarkable both in their intelligence and their attitudes. I intend to follow their progress and only wish Myesero was still part of the group. She is sorely missed.
This will be my last message from here as I catch an early van ride to the airport in the morning (Friday) and start the thirty plus hour journey home. [Note from Sarah: as of the sending of this message, my dad’s first flight out of Lilongwe has been cancelled, so we’re waiting to hear when he will in fact be on his way home.] Thank you for reading and also for supporting Go Malawi!’s efforts here. I look forward to sharing these experiences in person with anyone, anytime, in any forum. That is some of the news from Malawi.