Rob Pfeiffer Blog: 4/13/2016 Cold Wet Weather

Posted by admin - April 15, 2016 - Go! Malawi News - No Comments
The wet cold weather continues as do the fashion trends. Indistinguishable blobs hustling around everywhere. Thank goodness people in the US get rid of old winter garb as it sure comes in handy here for people who are acclimatized to heat.
I do not know if the weather is to blame, but we are back in full scale funeral mode again. It started when a bank of soil collapsed on top of an eighth grade student who was burrowing into the bank to gather some grit to wash dishes. When the bank collapsed, she was caught underneath. She came from one of the villages I visited and came over on January 30th to help us plant trees. I did not know her, but probably shook her hand and possibly gave her a soccer ball. Then, an adult woman died at the hospital after a short illness. And, last night as I drifted off to sleep, I could hear crying in the nearest village. This morning I woke to the shocking news that an infant had died overnight. The chanting and wailing here right now is very sad to hear.
On a bit brighter note, since March 5 when we had a field day using Project Adventure games, the teachers at the school have been clamoring to know more about the rationale behind this type of learning, so I have been leading class excursions into the great outdoors to explore not only nature, but also the concept of cooperation. Yesterday, we worked on spotting, so learners can safely help their classmates without getting hurt themselves, and others can take risks they probably would not take alone. Now we are working on trust falls  where you fall backwards into each others’ arms, swinging log crossings, and lap sits. We started the morning with a class of 40 or so in the fog and rain and soon had the whole school in a big circle around the trees and the swinging log suspended in between them. Processing is a bit ponderous through an interpreter, but I hope the children are learning some good life lessons about taking risks and making good choices.
Thirty five cows thundered (a veritable stampede!!) through our compound last night about midnight. I awoke to mooing and hoofbeats pounding down the hill. Crops are in grave danger from such a herd. That is some of the news from Malawi.