Rob Pfeiffer Blog: 4/1/2016 Potato Picking

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It’s potato picking time here as March and April translate to September and October here. (That is a loose translation mind you.) The potatoes here are about one quarter the size of ours at home. A good Kennebec might weigh in at two or three pounds. These puny little fellows are lucky if they weigh half a pound. But, we had mashed potatoes and eggplant for supper and it was delicious. I could imagine eating at our dining room table as I chewed up that repast. It’s tough to do that if you’re chewing bugs or food meant for large animals.

We have gone through a transformation of sorts here on site. We have been hosting a young woman named Cecilia. She is a former sponsoree of Go! Malawi and finished high school and college with our support. She has a teaching degree and is a born teacher with a firecracker spirit. She started the transformation when she arrived. Now, we are hosting one of the staff member’s wife and baby as well as the 10-year old sister of the wife. So at the moment, we have a four female/four male split on campus. I think table manners are greatly improved, as well as the overall comportment of the assemblage overall, especially at meal times. I count myself as fortunate to have been tolerated by my all female family (including pets) and enjoy watching the interaction of the genders wherever I can.
We have done a great deal of planting here and now watering as the weather is definitely going towards the drier extreme. I sure hope that the root structures are well enough set to withstand the brutal dryness that will surely come. That is some of the news from Malawi.