Rob Pfeiffer Blog: 4/11/2016 Rain

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We’re having a Nor’Easter. It is very difficult to see with the wind, fog and rain. There is a considerable wind chill as the damp cold here penetrates whatever you put on. My fashion report for the day is that to be in fashion you need to dress as though you were going skiing on a very cold day. I believe that charitable organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army sell bales (literally) of used clothing to countries like Malawi. So today, as I made my way to and fro from the village trading center, I greeted and was cheerfully greeted by a 100 people bundled up beyond recognition. I could recognize some voices but otherwise, it was a mystery. The ski parkas, hooded sweatshirts, shawls and wraps made people totally indistinguishable. I’m glad they have these clothes. I passed a Michigan Wolverine and a Bates Bobcat amongst the moving bundles.
Foreign travelers seem to turn up at our doorstep pretty regularly and yesterday, a woman from Scotland and a German frau appeared. It turns out that they are film makers and that they recruited 20 or so local women to form sort of an encounter/therapy group. Out of that sharing, they had themes which are now on film. When they needed to, they dragged a man in to play some villainous role or another. The themes were all about inequity between the genders. A woman’s work is never done from early morning to setting sun could be the title. I am not sure how this film will be distributed but am in hot pursuit of a copy to bring home. I feel as though it will illuminate a great deal of the fabric of life here. As far as I can tell without seeing the finished product, there is no whining, crying, or rancor. This is just the story of life as a woman in Malawi, unvarnished.
Nine teachers today at school to greet the 400 bundles of wet clothing coming through the doors–what a relief! That is still a 50-1 ratio, but at least each room has some supervision.
The trees seem to be growing inches per day as the roots are well watered and my hopes soar that this project will make sustainability a reality here and the rain forest may survive. That is some of the news from Malawi.