Rob Pfeiffer Blog 3/8/2016 Chapel Hill Volunteers

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Thank you Tar Heels for your donation of $400 to our Education Fund!! We appreciate your support
Something I have neglected to mention is that school uniforms are used here and each school has their own color scheme. The colors here are blue and gold.
I had a chance on Sunday to work closely with 200 school uniforms (and the learners inside them!) as we staged a Project Adventure day at the school. The occasion was set up because I had eight assistants appear from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and those Tar Heels were very helpful. I coached them to run various activities and the kids ran from one station to the next, very happily. And, no blood was spilled! One of the stations was a swinging log 18 inches off the ground. I had ropes from two nearby trees supporting the log (transported from the forest where I had watched it sit for months) so that it swung freely from side to side. It rained overnight and into the early morning, so the log was slick. At least 100 learners crossed successfully and that is more a testimony to their athletic ability than to my ability to coach “spotting” as the spotters were less than adequate. We had a helium stick which consists of PVC pipe with a marble inside. The pipe needs to remain horizontal while held by multiple fingers. Only the sides of the pointers are used so no holding and the pipe is moved up and down according to the adult monitor. We had a frisbee shuttle which I will not explain but leave to your imagination. Then, as a culminating event, we had a lap sit which could be a world record. We had 200 in a tight circle with hands on the shoulders of the people in front of us (we are facing around the circle) and on the count of three, we all sat in the lap behind us. Really fun. A bit of singing and off we all went, happily.
Our play day was followed up by traditional dancing by costumed men dressed like animals. It was a bit like adult Halloween costumes. The dances were full of leaps and whirls so, again, athleticism was on display. The drumming was extraordinary and I’m sure could be heard for miles around.
As the American students left yesterday, they made a large donation to Go! Malawi, as they were impressed that our site is managed and operated by some of the first students identified by Janet Littlefield, as vulnerable and in need of support. The four here on site now sold the Americans on the solidity of the program.
That is some of the news from Malawi.