Rob Pfeiffer Blog 3/5/2016 Excitement Brews

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News of a zucchini bread craze  sweeps through hill country! In fact, with necessity being the mother of invention, a new culinary delight was introduced to our region. Anyone who has gardened has probably had a similar experience to this one. I have been gardening here for months and suddenly became aware of a looming presence behind me. A dirigible had landed right behind me! Actually, three balloon-like zucchini had gone unnoticed for too long. So, I cast about for a recipe and oven space and got to work grating (and grating!). The results were six loaves (two bread pans were two feet long) of not so bad bread. I was just coming down off the mountain and a man stopped me and very seriously asked if I could make another batch. The amazing thing was that he had no reason that I am aware of to have had access to any bread. There must be an underground in zucchini bread around here. The pressure is on the garden now. By the way, that is the second item I have cooked which has made an appearance on the menu of our four star restaurant here at the lodge.
With about five weeks to go before coming home, I feel as though I have a bunch of irons on the fire. This bamboo project is gaining momentum here and people are quite excited. If I can borrow the pickup truck this week, I hope to pick up the seedlings. At the same time, I hope to purchase a new chainsaw for the lodge. They had one but no one knew how to take care of it so it blew up. We have many good spare parts from that machine for future repairs but need a new one. At Warren True Value, the old one would be up and running in a jiffy but here, parts are not as readily accessible (or the genius to put them together). That saw would allow me to clean up the forest. There is usually a cord of wood per acre that drops or dies naturally in Maine. Here, there is more. Unfortunately, it rots pretty quickly in this climate. I want to train a few chainsaw operators so they can start keeping up with this bounty. The wood I am talking about is too big for the women to put on their heads.
My English class has made startling progress in spite of their instructor and are about to send letters back to their pen pals at the Appleton School which should be in stark contrast to previous epistles. They are working through their sadness at the loss of their dear friend and have written to and about her. Very touching. I wish young people did not have to learn so early about death.
Tomorrow, we all gather for a celebration at the school. No one seems to know what we are celebrating but it seems to be a big deal. There will be lots of dancing and singing and some people will be in costume. Our Project Adventure games will serve as a warm up for this event as both take place at the school. The visitors from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill will have a great deal to assimilate.
I guess you can see that a few irons are simmering on the fire. That is some of the news coming out of Malawi.