Rob Pfeiffer Blog 3/3/2016 Bamboo Project Momemtum

Posted by admin - March 11, 2016 - Go! Malawi News - No Comments
I am very happy to report that we have arrived at the halfway point in my quest to purchase 300 bamboo seedlings. Thank you all so much! There’s just $337.50 left to raise! $2.25 buys one, $4.50 two, $9.00 four, on up to my goal of 300. I met a member of the community who has grown bamboo for two years and gets all his wood from his clump, so it is at least a partial answer here in the hill country. Just keep cutting it and it keeps growing and spreading. Once it is established, neighbors can share root stock so 300 can cover the whole area. This is fun for me to think about. Take the pressure off the ancient rainforest. And leave at least this part of Malawi on the way to energy independence of a sort and sustainable wood harvests. Janet Littlefield, Go Malawi!, PO BOX 108, Hebron, Maine 04238