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This week in Malawi we have some big news. The nonprofit Go! Malawi is building a new dormitory for future volunteers. After a series of 12 hour days and early morning sand transportation, the four walls are complete with 10 windows and a chimney peeking up through the roof. By Saturday evening, the roof should be on. If you have been a regular reader, you are probably aware that I am here to do a reforestation project in the Ntchisi Preserve, a national treasure degraded by fire, logging, and grazing cattle. But, Go! Malawi is active in many other ways. The primary function is in the realm of education. I just returned from the local school where I volunteer in a very motivated seventh grade class teaching them basic sentence structure and punctuation. In case you did not know, I was certified as an English teacher before I was licensed as a counselor. Anyway, we support 32 disadvantaged children as they pursue a pre-secondary education and one as he pursues a college degree in electrical engineering. The cost of “school fees” is about 100 US dollars per year, while college runs all way up to 250 US dollars per year. If anyone is looking for an end of the year donation opportunity, I can say from my experience, the bang for your buck cannot be beaten. To donate, send a check or money order to Go! Malawi, PO Box108, Hebron, ME  04238.


Now, for the second big announcement: the Christmas tree is up!