Rob Pfeiffer Blog 1/24/2016 Friends Arrive

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The arrival here of friends from home has overwhelmed me to a degree I could not anticipate.

I borrowed the truck from our neighbors, went all over it to make it as safe as possible (like digging seat belts out from under seats) and off we went dropping people at the hospital and other places along our route. We also had a slew of errands to do to complete the new building and have food for the next week or two. We also brought Eston to his daughter’s house with home-grown food for her family. With the back of the truck open, once we started doing errands, one of us was truck-bound as desperation type poverty pushes people to do strange things with other peoples’ property. So, we took turns running around Lilongwe and finally got nearly everything we needed. I say nearly as I was in line at the supermarket (yes indeed — big time) when they rang me up and it was a lot more than what I had. I put several items back before the fellow behind me reached in his pocket and paid what was left over. I was both humiliated and overjoyed as time pressure kept building and we still had to navigate city traffic before approaching the airport on time to greet two wonderful friends coming to Africa for the first time. We were in a dead sweat when we wheeled into the airport just as the plane landed. I was so excited that the gate attendant let me enter the arrival area (he could see he had a caged tiger on his hands!). Very nice indeed. We count 52 years of continuous friendship between our families and our children have become friends so I was very ready to do some hugging. We gathered their stuff and piled it on top of our diverse collection and headed for the hills (it is quite flat around Lilongwe). After 20 or so hours of traveling, they took the jouncing very well and we were all tucked in at a reasonable hour after a joyous reception from the  Go! Malawi ( crew who had remained behind. We delivered the supplies to the lodge just in time, as they had run out of drinking water.

Today is about letting them see for themselves what they have been reading about in this blog. They have seen the mountain and the villages but most importantly, they have been introduced to the warm and friendly people who live here and who have gone out of their way to welcome me. While some of you are digging out from a big storm, we are at 85 degrees and partial sun. We had a very brief shower (much too brief as we are dry again) and it a far cry from winter weather. Just know that all is well here and that is some of the news from Malawi.