Go! Malawi’s College Graduate Cecelia Gama is teaching in M’Pamila

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Rob Pfeiffer Blog 2/15/2016

We here at Go! Malawi have embarked on another journey into the world of helping children. As I have noted, the second grade has been a revolving door of substitutes, assistants, and total vacancies with students roaming the playground a great deal. One of our own has come home to help with this situation. Cecilia, a graduate of the Go! Malawi program who was sponsored with school fees and housing, has finished her training as a teacher or “madam” as they are called here. The government posts teachers to schools all over the country but is so strapped for cash at the moment that no postings are happening. So, Go! Malawi stepped in with a stipend and food/housing so that the school now has six teachers for eight grades. When I was at school today to introduce her to the teachers and students, the seventh graders were already there working by themselves on a lesson. They are so used to not having a teacher that they just go on trying to learn by themselves. To anyone who has taught middle school anything, their behavior is astonishing. And, Cecilia will do well. She has a friendly brand of authority and is a hard working, organized, confident young woman. She helped me plant 150 trees yesterday around the compound. As I’ve told you, the Malawian women are not afraid to work!