Meet Manjase, a grandmother of 33!

Posted by admin - May 31, 2013 - Go! Malawi News - No Comments

Manjase BandaManjase Banda is 57 years old and lives in Ngoza Village. She has 9 children and 33 grandchildren! None of her children or grandchildren have gone to school. Her family farms for their sustenance. She spends an hour a day traveling to bring water back to her home as the closest water tap is far away. She is hoping the water can be improved in the future and that she may see her grandchildren go to school and become educated! She complains the water is not clean but she cannot afford Waterguard, a cleaning agent, to add to the water. Go! Malawi is collaborating with the local people to create a water committee to work with the district waterboard to develop clean and safe water that is accessible for all the local people. The first step is getting the leaders of the area to see the importance of cleaning the water, as well as maintaining clean taps and a storage unit. In addition it requires getting people to understand illness is linked to the unfiltered water! It is hard to convince others when waterborne illnesses are not visible! We are continuing slowly slowly to make gains with accepting the need for clean accessible water. Then on to step 2!